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15 October 1989

the basics
Nikko. 23 years old. Honolulu, Hawaii. Nursing student.
likes and dislikes
♥ fashion, cute animals, Disney/Pixar movies, sleeping, travel, all things vintage, hardboiled detective fiction
extreme narrow-mindedness, olives, celery, rabid Darren Criss fans, proselytism
who am I?
I'm the gal who eats ice cream and drinks Jamba Juice in the dead of winter, who stays home to watch movies when everyone else is at a party, who loves both trashy contemporary pop music as well as the classics of swing and big band. I can be flexible and accommodating at my best but fickle and indecisive at my worst. I space out a lot but I don't like to repeat myself. Half of the time I have no idea what I want to eat. I'll say, "so... how's life?" at random lapses in conversation. I rarely get excited over anything, but when I do, I get damn excited. I've mastered the fine art of bad jokes and puns. I'm a pessimist by nature because I like to be surprised by good news. I'm a firm believer in reading and writing because of the escapism that both activities provide. I've got a moderate to severe case of wanderlust but currently have no means of alleviating it. Maybe some day. For now, the online journey is good enough. =)

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." - Walt Disney

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